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Peruse Fair’s Fair owner George Henderson's blog for interesting tidbits on used bookstore operations, business in general and the world as seen through the eyes of a book nut.

Bookstore Organization

Our inventory is organized in a way that allows customers to browse quickly if desired, yet is deep and broad-based if they prefer to browse the shelves. Each of our stores is computerized with a listing of books carried in that store. For years, we have used The Diamond Eye Database, a point-of-sale system with built-in inventory controls that utilizes barcode scanning and the production of barcode labels, further advancing our business.

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Quality Books at Fair Prices

Serving Calgary for 23 years, Fair's Fair offers quality books at fair prices and with exceptional service. We are a group of four bookstores specializing in maintaining the widest book selection around. Fair’s Fair buys, sells and trades used and unused books. Visit our Products & Services section for a complete list of what we do.

Bookselling Approach

The best place in Calgary to find just the book you are looking for, Fair’s Fair takes every measure to accommodate to the changing needs of our customers. As booksellers, we make it our business to learn, grow, and improve in every way to meet the expectations of our customers. Everything we do has a long-term goal of making a customer's visit to the store as pleasant as possible.

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